Hi, I’m Danielle Wright, and chances are you’ve seen me out and about in Houston and Katy. I’ve joined a multitude of organizations and have been through numerous vetting processes to demonstrate the qualities of my woman-owned construction company, Right Choice Development and Construction.

Woman-Owned Construction Company

Danielle Wright, CEO of Right Choice Development and Construction, Vice Chair of the KAEDC, and Leadership Council member of the NSBA.

Most construction companies don’t jump through this volume of hoops to earn memberships in the industry’s most prestigious organizations. So why do I, as CEO of my company?

The answer involves some hard truths. My industry — commercial construction — faces fallout from less-than-honest contractors. This is a hurdle I overcome through demonstrated excellence. There is no better way to earn trust than to exemplify the greatest qualities every client expects and deserves. Therefore, I have my business vetted by the best of the best.

Reputation Matters!

I speak from the heart when I say my company has a mission. My goal is to apply ethics in a “push back” against bad actors and fly-by-night companies that wreak havoc across the commercial construction spectrum. My greatest hope is that companies like Right Choice redeem the industry and provide contracting services that property owners, property managers, and facilities managers can rely on.

I have pledged and consistently provide accountability and the resources needed to build goodwill through good work within the construction sector — on time and on budget. Yes, you can count on Right Choice!

Going Above and Beyond as a Woman-Owned Construction Company

From the affiliations I forge and maintain to the testimonials I receive from happy clients, my company has achieved a premier status as a trustworthy and highly skilled commercial construction contractor and developer. But it’s one thing to claim a company has earned a great reputation…and quite another thing to prove it! That’s why my company’s credentials and memberships are so vital. It’s why my volunteer work and outreach in the community is so important.

And let’s face it — women-owned construction companies are somewhat of an anomaly. Many fields in the construction realm have been traditionally male-dominated, and it’s unusual for a woman to make a name for herself and her company in the trades.

Honestly, it has been a monumental effort to compete and succeed, and yet, here we are! Through an uncompromising belief in my company, lots of hard work, persistent follow-through, absolute dependability, superior skills and know-how, and incredible community involvement, Right Choice has grown a portfolio of amazing projects, with more on the horizon!

Meaningful Affiliations

It’s an honor and worth every ounce of effort to join the ranks of top-notch industry and business organizations. It helps establish great relationships and enables me to connect, share, and grow. Below are my greatest community and business passions, and I encourage you to get involved and find special niches to fill in your area.


Woman-Owned Construction Company


Connect with Me!

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