Look for a general contractor with testimonials and feedback from satisfied clients. Right Choice Development and Construction demonstrates excellence while spreading goodwill — and good work — throughout the greater Houston metroplex and beyond! You won’t find a more dedicated commercial contractor with a focus on safety and best practices — on time and on budget.

General Contractor Testimonials

General Contractor testimonials General Contractor testimonials General Contractor testimonials

General Contractor Testimonials

More General Contractor Testimonials

“I am a project manager for CBRE and have had the pleasure of working with Right Choice on several interior refresh projects at JPMC banks located in the Houston area. During my time at CBRE, I’ve managed projects in many areas using different general contractors in each location. That being said, Right Choice has done an outstanding job on every project. Their team is detail-oriented, asks questions in advance, and always comes up with a solution when unforeseen conditions arise. All of my projects have been completed per the schedule, without any change orders, and with negligible punch list items. The owners are extremely involved on each project and answer my calls every single time. I am planning to use them again on my next two projects in Houston. If you would like more details on their work, feel free to contact me directly on LinkedIn.” ~ TIMOTHY FELLIN


“We just can’t say enough about the commitment to excellence…They absolutely go above and beyond to make sure their clients are completely satisfied, and we’ll never use anyone else for our commercial construction needs. Professional, punctual, and follow through to completion…not so easy to find elsewhere!” ~ JEFF FOGELMAN


“Right Choice provided outstanding service on multiple Chase bank branches that I managed. The interior renovations were completed on time, if not early, and the quality of work was superb. One of the many things I liked so much was receiving progress photos throughout the duration of the project. They are an absolute joy to work with and have the most positive can-do attitude that you could ever encounter. I HIGHLY recommend Right Choice for any construction needs.” ~ KEVIN ABRAM


“Wonderful to work with from conception and design to completion. Extremely professional and highly recommend” ~ DAVID LUDLOW


“This is an amazing group of people who truly care about their customers and quality of work. They are on top of every detail and very easy and prompt with communication. My experience was very positive and I will continue to utilize Right Choice Development & Construction for future projects.” ~ CHRIS CARPENTIER


“I am very satisfied with the process that Right Choice Development has in place. We have been pleasantly surprised by the material and their understanding of what we were trying to accomplish. It made the whole process enjoyable and I highly recommend them!” ~ TRISHA SCOTT


“Right Choice is a top notch group of individuals producing high-quality work. Our company has been so impressed we have used them multiple times and will continue to do so in the future. Thank you!” ~ ANDREW SEIBERT


“Danielle, James and team exceeded the construction goals for a retail store design project in Houston, TX. They met deadlines, were flexible in the design process and executed seamlessly. I suggest contacting them for work if you are in the Texas area.” ~ ELIZABETH MENSI


“Wonderful team at Right Choice leading with integrity and professionalism. The work speaks for itself. Will come back to them again and again!” ~ NAMRATA GUPTA




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