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Hi, I’m Danielle Wright, CEO of Right Choice Development and Construction. If you’re a fan of the Houston Business Journal like I am, you might have noticed a recent article titled “No longer drive-through country” in reference to the boom of construction along our coast.

According to HBJ reporter Florian Martin:

A growing number of major projects have the potential to turn some of the bedroom communities along I-45, the Gulf Freeway, into destinations in their own right.

Unlike other growth areas in Greater Houston – such as Katy, Cypress or Montgomery County – the Bay Area has been well developed for many years, and its growth is restricted by the bodies of water surrounding it.

However, there are many smaller infill opportunities sprinkled throughout the corridor, and developers have been getting busy, well, filling them in.

Right Choice as part of the Bay Area Construction Boom

What caught my eye in the article were references to Katy and Cypress because of our multiple projects in those cities, but also one of our most recent job sites in Baytown. Yes, business is booming in the Bay Area! We’ve constructed an administration building and laboratory for Blue Tide Environmental, and it’s nearing completion. Read all about it and enjoy two aerial videos with distinct angles in the links below:

Baytown Ground-Up Construction — Enjoy Videos Of Our Nearly Completed Administration Building Project



Step-By-Step Through the Project

The progression of the Blue Tide Environmental project has been a wonder to behold. From a midnight concrete pour to interior and exterior construction, we captured each phase in the articles below and look forward to more work in the Bay Area of Texas.


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