As tenant improvement construction experts, Right Choice excels in customizing spaces you’d like to rent or lease to better suit your needs. We are a “Safety First” full-service procurement and commercial general contracting company committed to industry-wide best practices. We take pride in being a highly experienced general contractor and offer remodeling services throughout the Houston area and beyond, focusing on tenant build-out or retrofit construction services for offices or retail establishments. Our hallmark is identifying ways to best utilize the square footage and create ambient environments.

Tenant Improvement Construction Experts

Tenant Improvements can include new construction with unfinished floors, bare walls, and zero electrical, plumbing, or HVAC system. We design and customize the interior for commercial retail or office use according to the specifications of the client.

We also customize existing build-out properties and update them for your needs and preferences. At times we are able to repurpose materials and fixtures but will otherwise redesign and reconfigure the interior. Trust Right Choice to bring the space to life precisely as you envision.

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Look no further for tenant improvements than Right Choice. We bring a combined 25+ years and two generations of expertise to office remodeling, commercial building rehab, and turnkey build-outs. Depend on us for leasehold space solutions from floor to ceiling. You can count on us for all of your commercial projects. Our construction and architectural specialties can’t be beat.

The question is, what can Right Choice build for you? Check out our Right Choice Development and Construction portfolio here, spanning our retail, office, and industrial projects.

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