Right Choice Development and Construction takes commercial construction safety initiatives seriously. We kicked off the new year with the best of onsite CPR training.

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Hi, I’m Danielle Wright, CEO of Right Choice Development and Construction. What better way to usher in 2024 than with life-saving first aid training in CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)? We freshened up our CPR certifications with the help of our daughter Jenna, who interned with our company over the winter break from college. She took a course to become a certified CPR teacher and trained our staff on CPR today.

Commercial Construction Safety Initiatives

Certified CPR instructor Jenna Steel leads the Right Choice team through CPR training at our Bissonnet office in Houston on January 11, 2024.


Prepared for Emergencies On Job Sites — Up Close and Personal

Right Choice is a “Safety First” full-service procurement and commercial general contracting company committed to industry-wide best practices. We are dedicated to safety onboarding in addition to weekly safety training, with risk mitigation initiatives that are second to none. You won’t find a commercial construction company more involved in oversight on every construction project.

Why is CPR training vital in our safety protocols? In 2019, According to the CDC, approximately 211,000 construction workers were diagnosed with cardiovascular disease.

OSHA’s standard for first aid training in construction industry states: “In the absence of an infirmary clinic, hospital, or physician, that is reasonably accessible in terms of time and distance to the worksite, which is available for the treatment of injured employees, a person who has a valid certificate in first aid training from the U.S. Bureau of Mines, the American Red Cross, or equivalent training that can be verified by documentary evidence, shall be available at the worksite to render first aid.”(29 CFR 1926.50c)

It is imperative that our team react quickly when medical services are more than minutes away. Today’s onsite training equips our workers to spring into action in case of a cardiac event or other emergencies.

Commercial Construction Safety Initiatives

Our crew received refresher training on adult CPR techniques, including hard and fast chest compressions.


Commercial Construction Safety Initiatives — Trained and Ready to Go

When medical assistance is given quickly and correctly, the chances of survival increase. We invest in CPR and other safety initiatives to ensure we are on the leading edge for the sake of our workers, subcontractors, and others who might suffer a sudden medical emergency.

Hands-on and focused. I commend the Right Choice crew for their diligence during this important training session.