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It isn’t every day that a busy construction company gathers in a social setting to celebrate a successful year and have fun. On December 15 at Steak 48 Houston, our people did just that! It’s fun to reflect and commemorate how we made toasts to 2023 with anticipation of 2024 at our company Christmas party.

construction company

Our construction company holiday party was a memory-maker!

From the Bottom of my Heart

Thank you to my team for the hard work and long hours. Their strong work performances, positive attitudes, and can-do spirit have impressed our valued clients. When we all pull together on the same rope, we are greater than the sum of our parts, and it’s incredible what we’ve accomplished.

construction company

Team members I hold near and dear.

Our Construction Company Christmas Event Made Many Fond Memories

What a festive group of incredible employees, and what a wonderful night filled with laughter and joy. Every one of these hardworking, skilled team members has been instrumental in building Right Choice into the powerhouse it is today.

All of our Right Choice family have been doing such a fantastic job that I wanted to tell them that I notice, I appreciate them, and I assure everyone that they are changing and improving the landscape of Houston. I greatly appreciate their continued hard work, dedication, and contributions.

construction company

The best team in Houston!

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