Right Choice Development and Construction CEO and general contractor Danielle Wright is one of the “construction rarities” and pioneers in the field of women-owned construction companies.

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Construction Rarities

I might wear a suit in a boardroom, but you’ll also find me wearing a hard hat on construction sites in Houston and throughout Texas. ~ Danielle Wright, Right Choice Development and Construction CEO

Recently, I was introduced at a meeting as the owner and CEO of Right Choice Development and Construction. A few seemed surprised — but pleasantly so — that I was the “face” of my construction company and a very hands-on executive as well.

Fortunately for me, I was born into the industry and had the privilege and honor of learning about the construction business from my late father. From that foundation, I became a serial entrepreneur and dreamed about one day founding a construction company.

The stars aligned in 2016, and Right Choice Development and Construction was born. I became one of those “construction rarities” — meaning a rare female fixture on the construction scene, especially when it comes to commercial projects. Check out one of my recent blog posts, “An Upstanding, Outstanding Woman-Owned Construction Company,” to get a sense of my mission as a leader in commercial contracting and the obstacles we face in the industry.

“Construction Rarities” in the News

I think one of the most exciting things I do in the industry is advocate for women in construction. It didn’t occur to me that I’d become an ambassador and influencer of sorts for my fellow females in the trades, yet I proudly embrace this role. I love reading articles that highlight the remarkable inroads made by skilled women who are filling gaps in the workforce (largely male-dominated). I hope you find the articles below as inspiring as I do.

Moving Forward in the Construction Sector

It’s true that we’ll still be considered “construction rarities” well into the future. However, the reality is that an amazing array of female talent has stepped foot into the trades. I’m so proud to be one of them, and whether you work as a locksmith, provide plumbing services, wire buildings, operate a crane, or work in demolition, I am pulling for you!

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