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Danielle and James Wright

HOUSTON – Starting a construction company was an easy decision for Danielle Wright, and one she says was strongly encouraged by other companies.

Before establishing Right Choice Development & Construction in Nov. 2016, Wright owned many other businesses. “I’m kind of a serial entrepreneur. I owned Ageless Med Spa for seven years and just sold it in Dec. 2016. Before that, I owned Katy Cab and Limo Company, and before that, I owned an employment screening company.”

Right Choice Development & Construction is family-owned and operated. Many customers have commended Wright’s husband, James, for his work. “They were so impressed by my husband’s leadership and the quality of work,” Wright beams. It was these customers who put the idea of starting the company into Wright’s head.  “It was very easy to get the company started because we had companies coming to us before we even started. Our customers talked us into doing this.”

Wright says she has always been fascinated by the construction industry because her father owned his own construction company, so she grew up in the industry. She’s noticed some changes since that time, and not all of them have been positive. She says her goal is “to pioneer bringing customer service back. We have a good eye for quality, and we care about what the lasting mark is on the project and that it’s perfect.”

When asked if she faces any challenges with being a woman-owned construction business, she admits that there aren’t many. “The only challenge that I see is when I boast about being a female-owned company. I wonder if customers think I am going to be the one swinging the hammer,” Wright laughs and adds, “A lot of our Houston-based businesses and corporations love to support women-owned enterprises, and I’m very proud of that.”

Right Choice Development & Construction specializes in commercial interior and exterior remodels and build-outs.